Vitamin C for Gout

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In this video, we’ll be discussing Vitamin C for Gout.

Vitamin C, in general, has a pretty strong consensus in its benefit overall for happy health. Even without looking into any research, whenever we have a cold, Vitamin C is synonymous with battling the cold.

Other benefits that it may help with range-wide from helping to manage high blood pressure, lowering the risk of heart disease, boost immunity, and protecting memory and thinking.

For our purposes, we’ll be focusing on the claim that it may help reduce blood uric acid levels to help prevent gout attacks.

What does the research say and is it worth taking for gout?

There are some studies that seem to show that vitamin C may help in reducing uric acid levels and consequently protect and prevent gout.

One study which involved 1,387 men, found that those who took the most Vitamin C had lower blood levels of uric acid than those who took less.

In another study that had over 46,000 test subjects over the course of 20 years, it found that healthy men who took vitamin C supplement had a 44% lower gout risk.

Other studies have seemed to confirm vitamin C as an effective way to lower uric acid when compared against a placebo.

It has been noted that in these studies, the participants took between 500 to 1,500 milligrams per day of Vitamin C. It appears that for every 500 milligrams a man took, the risk of gout was reduced by 15% than those who did not take as much Vitamin C.

There are other studies out there that seem to believe the opposite and that Vitamin C does not lower uric acid levels in gout patients. One such study was done in 2013. They found that it seemed to have a weak effect on lowering uric acid levels in gout patients.

In summary, there seem to be many studies indicating that Vitamin C could in fact help lower uric acid levels but one should not consider it as a ‘magic pill’.

It should be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Though there is research out there that also claims it has a minimal impact, it does not say that is detrimental to gout sufferers.

With all of the benefits Vitamin C may provide, in addition to the possibility of it reducing uric acid levels, we believe it would be beneficial to try to incorporate vitamin C into your diet or supplement regimen.

We here at GoutInformation highly recommend Vitamin C as part of your plan to reduce your uric acid but of course, suggest speaking with your physician for any questions regarding your gout and new changes to your diet.

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