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Best Uric Acid Supplement

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In this video, we’ll be taking a look at our recommendation on the Best Uric Acid Supplement

But first, in case you may be experiencing your first gout flare up or am just curious what exactly gout is, we’ll be going into a few questions related to uric acid.

What is Uric Acid and how does it Affect Gout?

Uric acid is a natural waste product that is found in blood and create when the body breaks down chemicals called purines through the kidneys. In a normal condition, Mose of the uric acid dissolves in the blood passing through the kidneys as urine.

However, when the kidneys don’t fully eliminate the uric acid, this causes a slow down in the removal of uric acid and thus the build up of uric acid in the joints.

Once those uric acid get into the joints, it starts to crystalize which then triggers inflammation and a Gout Flare up. 

Is a high level of Uric Acid hereditary?

As you may have heard from most experts (or even those who just experience gout), many believe that gout is hereditary and consequently high levels of uric acid could potentially be hereditary. 

This is why when you are diagnosed with Gout, the main test is a blood test for your uric acid levels. It is the uric acid level that many measure your susceptibility to gout and flare ups.

Whether it is inherently hereditary, there are still ways to minimize uric acid build up, one being through the use of medication such as colchicine.

However, we’ll tackle prescription medication in another video, for this purpose of this video, we are looking to control uric acid more naturally.  

Now let’s take a look at our recommended Best Uric Acid Supplement

Our recommendation comes from a company called Eu Natural and it is their Purge! Uric Acid Cleanse & Joint Support supplement.

In it include 3 important ingredients that are well studied and have been claimed to help support healthy uric acid levels on their own respect.

What this product does is combine the three to make this a great preventive daily supplement and also one to have on handy during an actual flare up.

Those three ingredients are:

• Celery Seed

• Tart Cherry

• Chanca Piedra Extract

• Along with other beneficial ingredients 

This product is very popular and is sold on Amazon boasting a 4 star review from over 4,630 users.

It’s product is backed by a guarantee and is created in a cGMP Certified Lab to ensure a contaminant-free product.

We here at GoutInformation highly recommend this product as part of your plan to normalize your uric acid but of course suggest speaking with your physician for any questions regarding your gout and any supplements.

To learn more about Purge please see the product page and browse to learn more about uric acid and other supplements.

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