20 Best Natural Remedies to Battle Gout

Gout is the cause of severe pain among its sufferers. It is a kind of arthritis and affects the joints more specifically, the toes. The attack of swelling at night, redness and sharp pain on the big toes is some of its symptoms.

Manuka Honey
Manuka honey is popular among the treatments for arthritis pain and those other illnesses that need healing power and anti-inflammatory properties. It is the kind of honey recognized for its higher anti-bacterial activity. Honey is also great at reducing the inflammation in the joints. It is a natural relief source for pain.

A lot of people has testified on the effective effect of safflower on gout. Safflower I capsule forms are available in most medicine stores.

Castor Oil
When warm castor oil is directly applied to the joints, pain is relieved faster. Keep using it until the pain is gone or has subsided.

Mixed Fruit Juices
Take some beet root, carrot juice, and cucumber to use a cure for gout.

Besides its great effect on hotdogs, Mustards’ ingredients benefit the nerves. Allow the mustard to be absorbed by the skin by leaving it on overnight. You will wake up feeling better.

French Beans Juice
Take this for a month. People have claimed improvement of their gout with its use.

Elm Leaf Tea
For the local application of the gout, cold sore, abscesses, wounds, rheumatism, toothaches, and ulcers, the powdered bark of elm has been found effective. The astringent properties of its tannins are really strong. It is believed to draw out the toxins, splinters, boils, and a lot more known irritants. It can be used to deal with the effects of gout faster.

This therapy has been known to improve joint pain and muscle pain. Water works well in soothing the joints and releasing the tensions there.

Charcoal Powder
Toxins and other foul odors are absorbed by charcoal. However, there is more to charcoal. It is also known to help with gout. Soak the affected part in water mixed with charcoal. You may try activated charcoal for better results.

Epsom Salt
It can be mixed in baths to alleviate the effects of gout. Do this for at least three times a week.

Devil’s Claw
The active ingredient in the Devil’s Claw root is an all-natural anti-inflammatory that has been used to bring relief to gout. This has been used as a traditional medicine for ages. Its painkilling properties have been recognized and used for ages.

Juniper Oil
With its many healing properties, applying juniper oil on the affected area will bring instant relief from pain.

Cold Water/ Cold Compress
Never use ice to apply a cold compress. It will cause a cold burn. The pain you feel in the joints will make you numb to the frostbite effect.

Cherry is known as an agent that helps in the lessening of the uric acid in the blood. Constantly making it a part of your diet will work wonders with gout.

With loads of Potassium and Vitamin C, banana helps dealing with the uric acid crystals by diluting it to a liquid form. This way, the body can get rid of it easily.

Whether as a paste, as a tea, or eaten, ginger is a constant in the list of home remedies. Its anti-inflammatory properties has been proven to help in healing many conditions.

Bromelain is an enzyme with anti-inflammatory properties. Adding it to the diet may relieve the pain caused by gout.

Baking Soda
The blood is alkalized with the help of baking soda. As a result, more uric acid can be held by the blood in liquid form, preventing it from crystalizing.

Apple Cider Vinegar
The shift in the body’s pH balance can cure gout. When acetic acid is inside the body, it turns alkaline resulting in a balanced environment which makes it difficult for the out to come back.

Lemon Juice
Citrus fruits are great at dissolving the uric acid in the blood. The higher levels of citric acid provide relief from gout.

Try these remedies. Keep yourself free and safe from the pangs of gout. Get yourself hydrated and adjust your lifestyle.

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